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"View of the Palace Embankment from the Peter and Paul Fortress", Alekseev - description of the painting

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View of the Palace Embankment from the Peter and Paul Fortress - Fedor Yakovlevich Alekseev. 70x108

F. Alekseev, the largest representative of landscape painting at the beginning of the 19th century, was called the “Russian Canaletto” in honor of the Italian artist, a master of urban landscape of the 17th century.

"View of the Palace Embankment from the Peter and Paul Fortress" - one of the most famous works of the painter. The panorama of the Palace Embankment of St. Petersburg is majestic and monumental. Buildings rise above the Neva chained in granite, reflected in the mirror-like surface of the water, and a high sky above a boat gliding along the river.

In the foreground on the left is the wall of the Peter and Paul Fortress, in the background on the right, on the banks of the Neva, is the Marble Palace with a service building. To his left is the house of the princes Baryatinsky and the palace of Rear Admiral X. de Ribas, then the Summer Garden, recognizable for its wrought-iron fence.

For the work “View of the Palace Embankment from the Peter and Paul Fortress” Alekseev received the title of academician.

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