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The Rooks Have Arrived, Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov, 1871

The Rooks Have Arrived, Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov, 1871

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Rooks flew in - Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov. 48,5x62

The painting "Rooks have arrived", the most famous work of Savrasov. At the same time, the painting became the discovery of a new beauty in Russian landscape painting, simple and active. In the name itself lies the joyful arrival of spring. In spring, all nature wakes up from hibernation and comes to life. And it was this time of year that the artist chose for his work.

Every centimeter is felt here by an artist in love with the nature of Russia. In the picture we see that there is still a lot of snow, but this is no longer dense winter snow lying in the snowdrifts, but loose, dirty and melting. Looking at the picture, you can literally feel how transparent and fresh the air is, hear the water dripping loudly from the roof, the water rumbles in the hollows, the rooks make out. Each detail is clearly noticed by the artist and reproduced on the canvas, creating this unusually realistic feeling of the coming spring. Birch trees and rooks are in the foreground of the canvas not by chance. The artist noticed that birds sense the onset of heat much earlier than humans, because the arrival of spring in the picture is real, this is not an accidental winter drop. Thanks to the talent of the artist, you can feel that the whole landscape is filled with warm spring air, like joyfully chirping birds and all nature eagerly awaiting the onset of sunny and warm days.

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