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Self Portrait, Anthony Van Dyck, circa 1622-1623

Self Portrait, Anthony Van Dyck, circa 1622-1623

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Self Portrait - Anthony Van Dyck. Oil on Canvas 116,5x93,5

"Self portrait"written by Van Dyck after returning from Italy is the jewel of the Hermitage collection. The portrait conveys the grace of appearance and the originality of nature "minion of fate", as contemporaries called the painter. It was this, similar to the secular gentleman with thin features and white sleek hands, European aristocrats wanted to see their favorite. Van Dyck's work is distinguished by the sophistication inherent in his mature work. By combining a limited number of colors - brown-pink, black, gray-white - the master was able to maintain the freshness of a natural sketch and achieve a powerful pictorial effect.

The appearance of an elegant young man reflects the idea of ​​the artist that is characteristic of the era about the artist as an artist involved in the world of harmony and beauty.

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