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View of the square with the palace, Francesco Guardi

View of the square with the palace, Francesco Guardi

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View of the square with the palace - Francesco Guardi. 27x23

Among the many 18th-century Venetian landscape painters, Francesco Guardi (1712-1793) stands out as an artist who, like no one else, embodied the numerous streets and outskirts of Venice in his chamber paintings. All these corners, conveyed with special warmth and love, are inhabited by people, and they are not a decoration or addition to the landscape. The picture can be attributed to the "capriccio" - the so-called fantasies of the artist on an architectural theme.

In a small picture “View of the square with the palace” in the courtyard and under the arch you can see a lot of people busy with their daily affairs, which the painter presented in motion. The viewer watches them through the wide arch of a large old building. Guardi has always been interested in the problem of transmitting lighting. In the presented work, he brilliantly coped with the task, showing the contrast of the shaded space under the arch, where the light fights with darkness, and the sunlit palazzo in the back of the courtyard.

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