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Breakfast with crab, Willem Clas Head, 1648

Breakfast with crab, Willem Clas Head, 1648

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Breakfast with crab - Willem Clas Head. 118x118

Willem Heada (circa 1594 - circa 1682) is one of the first masters of the Dutch still life of the 17th century, whose work was highly appreciated by contemporaries. Especially popular in the Netherlands was this type of canvas, such as "breakfast." They were created for every taste: from rich to more modest.

The picture "Breakfast with a crab" emphasizes a large size uncharacteristic of the Dutch still life. The general gamut of the work is cold, silver-gray with a few pinkish and brown spots. Kheda exquisitely portrayed a served table on which, in a carefully thought-out mess, are the items that make up breakfast. On the dish lies a crab, written out with all the features, a lemon turns yellow nearby, the delicately cut peel of which, twisting, hangs down. On the right are green olives and a delicious bun with a golden crust. Glass and metal vessels add a still life of solidity, their color almost merges with the general gamut.

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