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The Annunciation, Paolo Veronese - description of the painting

The Annunciation, Paolo Veronese - description of the painting

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The Annunciation - Paolo Veronese. 271x541

"Annunciation" was written for Scuola Dei Mercanti (her coat of arms - a hand blessing the cross - shines in the middle of the composition, above the arch), the building of which is still today near the church of Madonna del Orto. Initially, the canvas was the central part of the triptych, its lateral canvases depicted Monochrome allegorical figures of Mercy and Bera (today - in the National Library of St. Mark in Venice). On the bases of the columns there are coats of arms of the customers of the canvas - the families of Cadabrazzo and Koponi.

The composition is built as a theatrical performance in scenery with an architectural perspective. In the depths of the enfilade there is a small church, as if drawing in a magnificent space and reminiscent of the church of Santa Maria Novella in Vicenza, the city of Andrea Palladio, not only a great architect, but also the creator of magnificent scenic illusions that glorified the city's Olympic Theater of Olympus.

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