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Portrait of a child from the family of Le Blonte, Rosalba Carriere

Portrait of a child from the family of Le Blonte, Rosalba Carriere

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Portrait of a child from the Le Blonc family - Rosalba Carriere. 34x27

The Venetian Rosalba Carriere (1675-1757) was the daughter of an artist and lacemaker. At the beginning of her successful artistic career, she painted porcelain snuff-boxes for sale to travelers and kept a love of miniature for life.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries, pastel technique was extremely appreciated in Europe. The characteristic gentle, “light brushstroke”, as admirers of Rosalba Carriere’s creativity noted, softness, bright colorful palette and the desire of the “skillful girl” to give her models special charm made her pastels literally exemplary for contemporaries - other artists copied portraits. For posterity, Carrier’s works have become a kind of mirror of time. Thus, fashion historians often illustrate stories precisely with her creations.

Researchers suggest that the portrait is captured daughter of the Consul General of France in Milan Le Blonte. In the collection of the Academy Gallery there is a portrait of the consul himself, on which also a light sphumatto softens the forms with a delicate aura.

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