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Study of the model, Theodore Gericault

Study of the model, Theodore Gericault

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Study of the model - Jean-Louis Andre Theodore Gericault. 64x53

Theodore Gericault (1791-1824), while retaining the inherent attraction to classicism for the ideal generalization and heroization of the image, he was the first in French painting to express the romanticism of a rebellious personality who was deeply experiencing a conflict with the world.

Despite the sketchiness of the work, its composition is distinguished by the boldness of the turn of the figure and the confidence of the color scheme. The artist sought to convey the drama and complexity of his time, showing a strong man, overwhelmed by passions. A realistic interpretation of the human body boldly declares the author's anti-classical aesthetic position. The sharp Karavagist contrasts of light and shadow, the sculpted molding of volumes, the complex foreshortening and expressive face allowed the painter to create a vivid, characteristic image of a hero of the 19th century who began the revolutionary upheavals in France. Gericault as if anticipates the impending even more tragic and irreversible historical cataclysms of the new era.

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