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“Portrait of a Girl”, Juan de Flandes - description of the painting

“Portrait of a Girl”, Juan de Flandes - description of the painting

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Portrait of a Girl - Juan de Flandes. 32x22

Juan de Flandes - Spanish painter, one of the largest representatives of the Renaissance, was originally from the Netherlands. Flandes was an artist at the court of Queen Isabella. Flandes's works feel the influence of the Northern Renaissance, in particular, the similarity with the works of Jan van Eyck, Hugo van der Hus and Michel Zittov. His works reflected typical features of Dutch portrait painting of the 15th century: attention to the human person, its spiritual and psychological depth, conveyed with unique plasticity and expressiveness. It is believed that Flandes painted several portraits of representatives of the ruling Spanish dynasty.

This master’s brush belongs to this adorable chest portrait of a young spanish princessperhaps Catalina of Aragon. The unopened rose bud in the girl’s hand - the emblem of the Tudors - symbolizes her purity. In all likelihood, the portrait was painted on the eve of her engagement to Arthur, Prince of Wales.

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