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Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - biography and description of the paintings

Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov - biography and description of the paintings

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Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov was born in 1848 on May 15 in a village with the ridiculous name of Lopyal. Viktor Vasnetsov had 5 brothers, one of whom also became famous artists, his name was Apollinaris.

Vasnetsov’s talent manifested itself from childhood, but the extremely unsuccessful financial situation in the family left no options for how to send Victor to the Vyatka Theological School in 1858. Already at the age of 14, Viktor Vasnetsov studied at the Vyatka Theological Seminary. Children of priests were taken there for free.

Having never graduated from the seminary, in 1867 Vasnetsov went to Petersburg to enter the Academy of Arts. He had very little money, and Victor put up for auction "2" his paintings - "Milkwoman" and "Reaper." Before leaving, he never received money for them. He received 60 rubles for these two paintings a few months later in St. Petersburg. Arriving in the capital, the young artist had only 10 rubles.

Vasnetsov did an excellent job with the drawing exam and was immediately enrolled in the Academy. About a year he studied at the Drawing School, where he met his teacher, I. Kramsky.

Vasnetsov began his studies at the Academy of Arts in 1868. At this time, he became friends with Repin, and even at one time they lived in the same apartment.

Although Vasnetsov liked the Academy, he did not finish it, having left for Paris in 1876, where he lived for more than a year. At this time, Repin was also on a business trip there. They also maintained friendships.

After returning to Moscow, Vasnetsov was immediately accepted into the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. By this time, the artist’s drawing style has changed significantly, and not only the style, Vasnetsov himself is moving to live in Moscow, where he is close to Tretyakov and Mamontov. It was in Moscow that Vasnetsov opened up. He liked to be in this city, he felt easy and performed various creative works.

For more than 10 years Vasnetsov designed the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. In this he was helped by M. Nesterov. It was after the end of this work that Vasnetsov can rightfully be called the great Russian icon painter.

1899 was the peak of the artist’s popularity. At his exhibition, Vasnetsov introduced the Three Athletes to the public.

After the revolution, Vasnetsov began to live not in Russia, but in the USSR, which seriously depressed him. People destroyed his paintings, were disrespectful to the artist. But until the end of his life, Viktor Mikhailovich was faithful to his work - he painted. He died on July 23, 1926 in Moscow, and did not finish the portrait of his friend and student M. Nesterov.

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