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Portrait of Bishop Anthony Trist and his brother Eugene, David Teniers the Younger

Portrait of Bishop Anthony Trist and his brother Eugene, David Teniers the Younger

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Portrait of Bishop Anthony Trist and his brother Eugene - David Teniers the Younger. 44x36

Anthony Trist (1576-1657) - Bishop in Bruges in 1617, from 1622 - in Ghent. He was a well-known collector, patron and customer of Flemish painters, including David Teniers the Younger. Somov determined that the image on the shield of two hunting horns and a dog, crowned with a cardinal’s hat, and the motto “CONFIDENTER” are the coat of arms of Anthony Trist.

The artist introduced the bishop sitting at a table on which a crucifix and an open book are visible (probably a prayer book). Holding the rosary in his left hand, and putting his right on his chest, Anthony Trist prays, looking at the shield with the image of the symbols of Christ's suffering (heart, hands and feet with wounds). This shield is held in front of Trist by his brother named Eugene, a monk of the Capuchin order. On the top shelf are two small sculptures - “Repentance of St. Jerome ”(left) and“ Christ at the pillar ”(right). Religious images embodying repentance and suffering are consonant with the prayer mood of the bishop.

According to Kling, Anthony Trist also depicted in another painting by Teniers - "Village Holiday".

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