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Museum of Modern Art, Italy, Rivoli

Museum of Modern Art, Italy, Rivoli

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In Rivoli is one of the most beautiful castles in Italy - the hunting castle, which is located Modern Art Museum. It opened for visits in 1984.

The castle itself is of great interest as a historical monument of architecture. Its history began as early as 1159, when it was still owned by the bishops of Turin. Many talented architects worked on the castle, of which Carlo and Amedeo di Castellamonte can be distinguished. They built the so-called "Long sleeve"- part of the building, which has been preserved since the 17th century.

In 1683, French troops sacked and defeated most of the castle. Many paintings burned down and were lost. Only 20 years later, the restoration of the castle began. The reconstruction work was led by Michelangelo Garove, and continued by Filippo Juvarra, who also did not finish his work until the end.

After some time, the castle became a prison for Victor Amadeus IIwho abdicated, and then tried to regain his royal place. He was imprisoned in the castle, in which he stayed until his death. Visits to the castle of Rivoli stopped, and many windows had bars. But this is not the worst thing that awaited the castle. After the death of his prisoner, the castle of Rivoli was simply forgotten and abandoned, and it gradually began to collapse.

In 1863, the castle became a barracks, which could not affect the improvement of its condition. Well, after the Second World War, the building was destroyed by 70% and stood for several decades while continuing to collapse more and more. And so, in 1979, the castle of Rivoli received a new life.

Since 1960 in Italy the time of the so-called "beginsPoor art», Whose works were created from improvised materials such as paper, wood, earth and others. Now it is a museum of modern art. Despite its harsh appearance from the outside, the works of "Poor Art" organically fit into the interior of the castle. This allows us to once again understand how well works of art can be combined with the environment.

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