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On the territory of remand prison no. 1 in Museum of the Crosses opened in St. Petersburg in 1993. Now the museum is open to all residents of Russia and guests of the country.

The museum tour is very interesting. First, visitors fall into the administrative, and then into the security corps. After that, everyone can visit Temple of Alexander Nevsky. One of the most favorite places for visitors to the museum is the prison cell. Also in the museum there are various crafts and products made by prisoners. Various Russian officials also visited this prison because of political disagreements. Therefore, in the museum "Crosses" you can see a huge number of photographs of famous people who were in custody here.

How the Crosses were built

Until the 16th century, prisons as such did not exist in Russia. Prisoners were kept in various cellars, cellars and other rooms unsuitable for this. The conditions of such detention left much to be desired.

In 1884, the construction of the first prison for 1,000 prisoners began in St. Petersburg. The prison was chosen on the banks of the Neva, where the so-called “Wine town". It was abolished in 1867, and a criminal prison was erected here under the project of V. Lvov.

After 20 years, the need arose to expand the prison, as there was no longer enough room in it. In 1890, a new prison was built by the forces of prisoners, and the old one was destroyed. The territory of the new prison was large. It housed a morgue, a hospital, a forge and two buildings with solitary confinement. The people of this prison immediately began to be called "Crosses"since these buildings are made in the form two crosses. So the architect expressed his idea that the prisoner should repent in order to atone for his guilt. Two architectural "cross" interconnected another building (administrative building), on top of which there is a church bearing the name of Alexander Nevsky. The temple was built with private donations.

Since 1964 "Crosses" - this is the pre-trial detention center of St. Petersburg №1.

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