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Toy Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

Toy Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

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History of occurrence toy museum in Prague very interesting. After some time, Steiberg’s apartment could no longer accommodate all the exhibits of the future museum, so the Munich city authorities allocated the building of the old town hall under the museum. But Steiburg is from the Czech Republic, and he was not left with the idea of ​​opening a similar museum in Prague. As we have already noted, in 1989 his dream came true.

What can be seen in the toy museum?

Many visitors Prague Toy Museum quite surprised to find there toys that are more than 2000 years old. Here are various crafts made from bread made by the Indians, various wooden and stone toys.

The museum occupies two floors, one of which was given to Barbie dolls. In total there are 11 exhibition halls, which will be interesting to walk not only for children but also for adults. Here you can find the very first Barbie doll, which was made back in 1959.

For boys, most likely, models of various cars, trains, steamboats and steam locomotives will be interesting. Here is a huge toy train station with peron and trains. Thousands of tin soldiers who portray military operations.

It will be interesting for girls to see toy houses with beautiful furniture and interiors. Also various miniature empire-style rooms and much more.

In addition to all this, the museum has a huge collection of teddy bears that cannot be torn away. Girls watch bears for hours. Also in the museum on the ground floor you can find unique toy towns in which life is in full swing. You can see what people were doing during that period of time, what kind of work they performed.

At the Toy Museum in the Czech Republic you can safely bring a camera with you, since here you can take pictures and take photos of anything and anyone. True, some exhibits are behind glass, and so you need to try to make a good photo.

The museum is open daily from 9-30 to 17-30. Tickets for children - 30 CZK; adult ticket - 70 CZK. If you go with your family, then 2 adults and two children's tickets will cost you only 120 kroons.

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