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The Resurrection of Jairus Daughter, 1947, Stanley Spencer

The Resurrection of Jairus Daughter, 1947, Stanley Spencer

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The Resurrection of Jairus' Daughter - Stanley Spencer. 1947

This painting, painted in oil in 1947, is typical of Spencer, who knows how to identify the religious background of what is happening in the most ordinary surroundings of the modern small town of England. Through the window you can see how Christ raises Jairus's dead daughter out of bed. The window frame forms a cross on which the arms of Christ and the girl intersect, symbolizing the transition from death to life. On one side of the canvas, a dead man rises from beneath the stones of a village street bridge; on the other, the resurrected dead rush to appear from under the churchyard to greet their friends. Many hugging figures expressing the joy of resurrection do not feel horror at the Last Judgment, which usually accompanies this scene in a more traditional interpretation.

WONDERS. Christ healed people, raised the dead, such as the Resurrection of the widow's son from the city of Naina and the daughter of Jairus. But the Resurrection of Lazarus is better known. For four days he was buried in a cave, the entrance to which was heaped with stone, when Christ appeared and ordered to remove the stone: and - Lazarus came out, wrapped in a burial shroud. Christ also cast out evil spirits from those possessed by the devil: for example, from the daughter of a Canaanite woman. In the miracle of Gergesin pigs, he expelled demons from two obsessed and put them into a herd of pigs, which rushed into the sea.

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