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Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Finland

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Finland

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Finland is interesting for tourists not only with its amazing northern nature, forests and lakes, but also with its museums, exhibitions, beautiful architecture, as well as various cafes, restaurants, shops. The country is suitable for visiting both lovers of bohemian life and history lovers. What sights and museums in Finland are worth seeing? This is the National Museum of Finland, and the Assumption Cathedral, and the fortress of Suomenlinna. The list goes on, but let's pay attention to Suomenlinnawhose name in Swedish sounds like Sveaborg.

These are bastions built in 1748 on the seven rocky islands of the Gulf of Finland, located south of Helsinki. The founder of the fortress and its first commander was August Ehrensvard. The decision to erect these fortifications was made after the end of the war of 1741-1743. between Russia and Sweden. To this day, the fortress walls of Suomenlinna amaze with their impregnability.

More than a hundred years from 1809 to 1917 Sveaborg belonged to the Russian Empire, which left a significant imprint on his appearance. You can still find here at the homes of our merchants, see Russian guns, go to the Orthodox church. Due to the fact that the Suomenlinna fortress reliably protected the sea borders on the approaches to Helsinki, Emperor Alexander I in 1812 made the city the capital of Finland. Another important fact for the Russian people in the history of the fortress is that it was here in 1811 that our great literary critic V.G. Belinsky.

Currently, Suomenlinna is the administrative district of the capital with a permanent population of 850-1000 people. Transport communication between the city and the fortress is carried out by sea. At your choice - a ferry or "sea tram" floating in the summer. Departure takes place from Helsinki Market Square every 40-60 minutes, a ticket can be purchased here. The journey takes only 15-20 minutes, because the islands are close, at a distance of two kilometers.

Attractions of the fortress of Suomenlinna

What is remarkable Suomenlinna fortress? With their defenses, museums, souvenir shops. You can wander around the islands for a long time, connected by bridges, and constantly find something fascinating.

Sights of Sveaborg are mainly military-oriented, so travelers will be very surprised to find themselves in the toy museum, which features teddy bears, dolls, tin soldiers made many years ago. However, this museum also has a relationship with military affairs, because it is located in a building that had previously served as a barracks.

A rich cultural life boils on the islands, many art workshops work, music festivals, concerts, exhibitions are regularly held. Thanks to this atmosphere, people from creative professions often come here to live and work.

Many interesting sights and museums in Finland are located in Suomenlinna, which you should visit if only because it is an object protected by UNESCO.

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