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Portrait of Lavoisier with his wife, Jacques-Louis David, 1788

Portrait of Lavoisier with his wife, Jacques-Louis David, 1788

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Portrait of Lavoisier with his wife - Jacques Louis David. 259.7x194.6

Portrait of Lavoisier with his wife It is considered not only one of the best works of David, but also the initial stage in the development of portrait painting of the XVIII century. experienced significant political, economic and social transformations, the beginning of which was laid in England and in France. The new customers no longer recognized the forms of the formal secular portrait, which was the property of the aristocracy, the highest clergy and the high-ranking bourgeoisie, but wanted to be captured in the most realistic manner. Both revolutionary educational theories and the ideas of English empiricists (even before the advent of the enlightenment), who placed the spotlight on a person who is able to inspire respect thanks to his abilities, regardless of rank and privilege, were not alien to this new approach. Thus, the portrait became an exponent of certain positions and became available to any person established in society.

Lavoisier - A chemical scientist known for his research on oxygen, gunpowder and the chemical composition of water. David conveys almost homely affability to the image of a scientist sitting at a table surrounded by working instruments. Nearby is his wife. The manuscript before Lavoisier is probably his Treatise on Elementary Chemistry, published a year after the portrait was painted.

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