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Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, Albrecht Durer, 1519

Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, Albrecht Durer, 1519

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The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne - Albrecht Durer. 60x49.8

Albrecht Durer is one of the outstanding founders of not only the German Renaissance, but also all European art of the Renaissance and Reformation. The great painter managed to unite the attention to form, characteristic for the Italian tradition, the generous use of color and depth of feelings with meticulous precision, imagination and a vision sharpened by German culture, reaching exceptional heights in this. Initially, a non-commissioned work eventually passed into the collections of the Bavarian electors.

The plot is dedicated St. Annepictured next to Madonna and baby, was one of the favorite iconographic motifs of German art. However, in the disclosure of the theme of the Mother of God with Jesus asleep (a symbol of Christ's future death), the influence of Giovanni Bellini, whose work Dürer could see during his travels in Italy, Saint Anna, whose hand rests on her daughter’s shoulder as a sign of love and protection, was noticeable similarity with his wife Agnes: the Albertina Library in Vienna holds a drawing relating to this work, dated 1519, in which Dürer's wife is represented in the image of a saint. Nevertheless, the figures are monumental, and the balanced composition is filled with deep emotional strength, which is possibly explained by the fact that during the period when Dürer decided to paint this picture, he was converted to Lutheranism.

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