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Still life with a fan, Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov, 1922

Still life with a fan, Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov, 1922

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Still life with a fan - Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov. 145x127.5

Mashkov enthusiastically welcomed the October Revolution. The heyday of art, he imagined as the final statement in it of a realistic beginning. The leading genre in the post-revolutionary work of Mashkov was still life. In his still lifes, the artist sought to show the beauty and variety of subject forms in nature, contrasting the perfection of the real world with the stunt of formalists. The world is beautiful as it is, - Mashkov claimed with his art, - you only need to be able to see the charm of every thing.

In still life with a fan the artist tried to put together objects so that each person’s specificity would benefit from the neighborhood of others, so that the combination of objects declared the beauty of life in general. The dense, pasty painting of Mashkov, his expressive relief brushstroke helps to feel the materiality of the depicted objects, and the point of view from above, beloved by the artist, enhances the impression of the volume of things, gives them expressiveness and monumentality. The master carefully and carefully examines the complex shape of a silver vase, a wooden candelabra, and a small, elegant bottle. With great skill, he conveys the texture of objects: the mirror-polished surface of mahogany gently shines, a whole symphony of shades shimmers in the wood of the Karelian birch, the mother-of-pearl planks of the fan shine in twilight, the vase casts a bright metallic reflection. The beauty of these items especially benefits from the proximity of artificial fruits laid out in the foreground. Roughly painted gypsum apples, pears, plums with their lifeless weight emphasize the lively charm of these things. Mashkov repeats this contrast once more, placing in the depths a picturesque portrait next to a fragment of a plaster sculpture. The warm colors of the naked female body in the portrait come to life when compared with dead gray plaster.

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