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Unterach, manor on Lake Attersee, Gustav Klimt, 1908

Unterach, manor on Lake Attersee, Gustav Klimt, 1908

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Unterach, the estate on Lake Attersee - Gustav Klimt. 110x110

Gustav Klimt, the most famous Austrian painter, spent most of his life in Vienna, leaving it only to relax a few summer weeks in the Alpine Attersee Lake. This huge, area of ​​46 km, the purest reservoir was very attractive to the artist. Notable for his sporty dressing and strong physique, he liked to swim and do rowing here for a long time. Resting in picturesque places, Klimt willingly painted landscapes. These canvases, created for themselves, did not attract much attention of modern criticism. However, at present, the landscapes of the famous Austrian master have rightfully been praised.

One of the best of these works is image of Unterach manor. Here, as in other landscapes of Klimt, the influence of the Impressionists (in particular, Monet's manner) is noticeable, but the whole picture is permeated with a worldview of symbolism. The artist creates a new reality, elegant and mysterious, it seems that this is not a corner of alpine nature, but a wonderful vision, presented in a dream when the creator sees other worlds. A white building and piercing green trees look into the clear waters of the lake. Reflection almost merges with objects, creating a single, intricate, ornamental whole. Smears become small and fractional, their outlines are destroyed. Technically, it resembles impressionism. In landscapes, as in his portraits, the painter seems to make mosaics, combining naturalism with conventionality. The decorative interpretation of the surface reveals the influence of the East, characteristic of the modern era. Here, as in portraits and allegories, ornamentally expressive forms and contours loom against an almost planar background.

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