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Buddhist Deities visited the Kyakhta Museum of Local Lore!

Buddhist Deities visited the Kyakhta Museum of Local Lore!

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According to legend, at 5 o’clock in the morning, Buddhist gods pass through houses and watch how the New Year's Eve!

Today at Kyakhtinsky Museum of Local Lore named after academician V.A. Obruchev and the Museum of Russian-Mongolian friendship hosted the presentation of exhibitions dedicated to the celebration of Sagaalgan!

The presentations were attended by individual entrepreneurs, students of city schools, representatives of the Council of People's Deputies and district administrations. Researchers at the Kyakhta Museum of Local Lore warmly welcomed guests and conducted a fascinating tour of the exhibitions with a complete immersion in the world of Sagaalgan.

At the exhibition "Philosophy of Buddhism" guests were presented with rare writings about Buddhism, tanks - Buddhist paintings, sculptures of deities from the funds of the Kyakhta Museum of Local Lore!

At the exhibition "Sagaan haryn ultalga" visitors learned a lot about the traditions of the celebration of the White Month, about national dishes. At the end of the presentation, guests were invited to try white food. Students were invited to the Sagaalgan cultural and educational program, which will run until March 10, 2013.

We are waiting for everyone at our exhibitions, and elementary school students and preschoolers to the cultural-educational program!

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