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German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst

German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst

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Berlin-Karlshorst is the only German-Russian museum in Germany. A monument to the madness to which the lack of desire of the people to control their leaders and the expectation of them to miraculously get rid of their personal difficulties and problems.

It was here, in the building of the officer club of the sapper school, at 0:43 Moscow time on May 9, 1945, that the command of the anti-fascist coalition and the Wehrmacht signed the act of unconditional surrender of fascist Germany.

Initially, the building was administered by the Soviet military administration. In 1967, a museum was opened here dedicated to this historic date, and everything that preceded it. The main and only exposition of the museum was the war, and the memorial hall became the center of the exposition, where the act of surrender was signed.

After the liquidation of the Russian presence in Germany in this building in May 1995, was opened museum Berlin-Karlshorst. It is unique in that it became the only museum dedicated to the bilateral relations of two states that were formerly enemies. After a long reconstruction, from April 24, 2013, an updated exposition opened here, which was collected literally from around the world.

In the halls of the museum with absolutely black, crushing walls, as a reminder of the black pages of the history of the German people, more than a thousand exhibits, thousands of documents and photographs are placed. Here are children's diaries from besieged Leningrad, and records of prisoners of concentration camps, and testimonies from the fronts, and recollections of participants in those events. All halls have special monitors, where everyone can listen to the story of one or another witness in one of the three languages.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Berlin-Karlshorst Museum has also created the mobile exhibition “At the Break: June 22, 1941”, which is offered for display in all countries of the world, so that the lessons of that terrible war are not only available to our two countries.

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