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Museum of silent music in Barcelona

Museum of silent music in Barcelona

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It is good to come here in the summer, when Barcelona is exhausted from the heat. Here is the Museum of Music (Museo de La Musica de Barcelona), more precisely, museum of musical instruments.

Its history began back in 1921, when music fans from the Barcelona Beau monde donated funds to the city to create a project for the Museum of Theater, Music and Dance. The basis of the expositions of the new museum was a collection of ancient musical instruments from the theater institute, which was transferred to it in 1932.

Today the museum occupies the 3rd floor of the administrative building of the LAuditori classical music concert complex in Barcelona at Carrer de Lepant, and in its exposition about 500 exhibits - this is a third of the entire collection. The stands of the museum show the entire path of development of musical instruments in the world, mainly since the 16th century. And the oldest presented here is ectara, a Bengali musical instrument that is over a thousand years old.

The collection contains the Venetian archilutes of 1641, 8 organs from the 18th century, the richest collection of drums and tom-toms, harpsichords, violins, wind instruments, harmonica, and especially rich, the guitar department, among which there are very unusual ones. In addition to musical instruments, old players, phonographs and gramophones are also exhibited.

Of particular value is the section where the instruments of the great masters, inventors and music performers are presented. Here you can see the violins of the Stradivarius, the harpsichord of Erar, the saxophone of Adolf Sachs, and the piano, which belonged to Otto Kibunts, Amadeu Vivis, Joachim Matals.

But this world of instruments is not mute. The sound of almost every instrument can be heard in audio recordings, and sometimes concerts are held in the museum where prominent musicians play on museum relics. After all, no matter how high-quality synthesized music is in our synthesized world, but it is part of our culture, and culture cannot be synthesized - this will be fake.

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