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Boyar Morozova - Vasily Ivanovich Surikov. 304x587.5

The split ... The heavy sleigh carrying the tsar’s aunt chained to shackles split the crowd as Patriarch Nikon’s reforms split the Russian people.

As Leonardo da Vinci searched for a prototype for Jesus Christ for a long time in the painting The Last Supper, for so long he could not find Surikov's face of the noblewoman Morozova. Such faces are rare in life, and people like the rebellious noblewoman are even less common. 4 years the artist worked on his most brilliant picture. Hundreds of sketches, thousands of sketches, hundreds of thousands of corrections, constant searches. The result brought immortality to the master.

Undoubtedly, the work is dedicated to the great rebel, the rebellious noblewoman, a relative of the king himself. The heroine’s face is pale, hands are bloodless. A desperate gesture in front of the icon of the Virgin - the last attempt to defend the old faith.

Muscovites gathered around the exiled noblewoman. In different ways they escort the schismatic. To her left is a group of clerks who laugh gaily, watching the seditious woman. They are on the side of the government, so they are confident in the justice of what is happening.

The reaction of the children depicted in the picture is interesting. Some laugh giggly, imitating adults and not understanding the meaning of their joy. Others watch the noblewoman with undisguised fear, frightened by her fanatical gesture, eyes burning with rage, and shackles on the boyar’s hands.

In the picture you will not find a single happy female face. About the exiled woman mourners and rich fur coats, and old women, and girls from the people. Particular attention is drawn to the pale face of the young nun, whose eyes are full of horror.

Among the gathered people it is easy to discern the Old Believers. They are given out by clothes, a special look in which anxiety is mixed with outright fear for their future. The co-religionists of the noblewoman do not give themselves out in anything. Only holy fools without any fear repeat a criminal gesture, thereby showing their sincere sympathy to a state criminal.

In the crowd you can see several Tatar people, tense, attentive. With involuntary respect, Muslims look at the fearless behavior of heretics.

Winter Moscow in the background - as if in a frosty haze. There are many temples on the way to the prison sleigh. And near each noblewoman Morozova will turn to the Muscovites with the word. The crowd will not lag behind.

So, with laughter, hooting, sobbing, sorrow, groans, cries of holy fools, a new era of Russia, the era of schism, begins.

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