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Frederic Mares Museum, Barcelona

Frederic Mares Museum, Barcelona

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In the center of the oldest quarter of Barcelona, ​​in the building of the royal palace, is a sculpture museum. Over his long life, the master has assembled a unique collection of sculptures, which is divided into two parts.

On the ground floor are sculptures from the Iberian, pre-Christian period, until the end of the 14th century. Among the masterpieces: sculptural portraits of Caesars, sarcophagi and crucifixes of the early Middle Ages.

The second floor continues the exhibition, presenting the sculpture from the 15th to the 19th century. Sculpture of St. Roch, St. Anthony, the work of Mares - the lying Christ - the best exhibits.

The third floor of the museum, the so-called collector’s office, is a separate exhibition of household items, trinkets, toys, smoking pipes, snuff boxes, etc. This part of the establishment is called the Sentimental Museum. In 17 rooms, several thousand elegant little things have been collected, preserving the spirit and warmth of the 19th century.

The fourth part of the museum is located here - the workshop of Mares and his library.

The museum constantly organizes temporary exhibitions, attracting the most famous contemporary sculptors and artists to collaborate.

In the courtyard of the institution are all kinds of events and cultural events of the City Hall of Barcelona.

The rich library of the museum, which holds about seven thousand monographs on the history of sculpture, attracts students of art history departments.

In addition to Mondays and several public holidays, the museum is open from 10 to 19 hours. Entrance ticket - 4.20 euros. Online discount sales are often held on the Internet. You will save when you visit the museum as part of a group. Benefits have children under 16 years of age and pensioners. If you use the services of a tourist bus in Barcelona - also a discount. You will have to pay one euro for using the audio guide. The museum is big enough. If you are planning to get acquainted with the exposition in a few days - warn at the box office, get access to the institution's collections for 72 hours at the same price.

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