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Sculptures of the city of Krasnoyarsk

Sculptures of the city of Krasnoyarsk

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The most popular monument in Krasnoyarsk is a sculpture of a silver horse, symbolizing the horse of that boyar’s son, who determined the place of the prison, next to which the city later grew. Surprising extraordinary accuracy and reliability of the image. It is known that the author was consulted by a professional veterinarian. Today, this sculpture is a favorite place for newlyweds who are photographed at this place on their wedding day.

The sculpture of the founder of Krasnoyarsk, Andrei Dubensky, stands on Pokrovskaya Hill. Bronze sculpture (author V. Girich) is mounted on a granite pedestal. Around the monument is a picturesque square.

In 2007, a monument to Kamerger Rezanov was erected in the city center, opposite the Big Concert Hall. The same brave hero and traveler, sung in the musical of Juno and Avos.

Krasnoyarsk is the birthplace of the great master painter Surikov, so this person also could not do without a monument. During its existence, the monument changed its location several times. Now the bust adorns the square next to the House of Artists. The author of the monument is Moscow sculptor I. Kotov.

Konstantin Zinich became the author of the monument to Chekhov, installed on the eponymous square of the city. It is reliably known that the writer spent one day in the city and sincerely admired the beauty of the Yenisei.

Another important monument of the city is a sculpture of a priest and surgeon Vojno-Yasenetsky, Archbishop Luke. The greatest doctor, the author of numerous works on medicine, at some point in his life decided to leave the world, took tonsure, but did not leave his medical field, continued treatment of patients.

One of the most popular modern sculptures in Krasnoyarsk - the wolf from the animated film Once upon a time there was a dog. The sculpture is made with humor. To everything, we can add that she is speaking. Everyone who touches the medal on the wolf’s stomach can hear one of the nine phrases from the sculpture’s arsenal calling for cleanliness in the park, where this fun monument is located.

The sculptural composition of Uncle Yasha and the intern (author A. Kiyanitsin) is unique, since it is the only sculpture in the world established in honor of representatives of the most widespread urban profession. An experienced master crawls out of the sewer hatch, and the young partner carefully and faithfully looks at the mentor. Citizens believe that real personalities are depicted, although the author invented the faces of his heroes.

On Peace Avenue, in the center of the city, there is a monument to the artist Pozdeev. The work is so realistic that passers-by often perceive it as a real person. When the vandals broke off a massive umbrella from the sculpture, the city residents provided the monument with a real umbrella. The image of the artist is very lyrical and open. The sculpture fits perfectly into the busy avenue.

The city streets are decorated with many non-standard and ironic works by local sculptors: Uncle Vasya, Continuity of Generations, Bremen Town Musicians, the Adam and Eve Fountain, Dvornik Petrovna and many others.

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